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Holidays are coming fast!

As October comes to an end and Halloween is upon us, it is time to start preparing for the Holidays. The LCA Gallery is no exception and we always have exciting artwork and gifts for everybody. We cannot wait for the last couple of shows of the year!

The first show will be Final Friday, 10/26/2018, from 6-8pm (runs all month of November). The theme for this month's show is ”Melange” (a mixture or medley). Basically, anything goes. Come support your local artist! All artwork will be up until the next show in November.

The second show is Final Friday that starts 11/30/2018 and runs through 12/31/2018. The Licking County Arts Gallery will be open with Holiday creations from local artists. The Gallery Hall and Gallery Shop will be filled with creations and gifts for everyone! Come support your local artist! There will not be a gallery opening for the Holiday show. The gallery will be open for it's normal hours.

Exciting things are coming! Be sure to check out all we have to offer.

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