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New Landscapes

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

_Marcel Proust

Since it is the beginning of a new year and folks traditionally try to start over, or start something new, this quote credited to the french novelist, Marcel Proust, seemed relevant.

We may not always be able to change our surroundings, which is a common desire in Ohio's winter, but we can choose to see our surroundings with new eyes. A new point of view can help us in a voyage of discovery.

In a creative journey, it is often easy to get stuck. I've read that you can't wait around for inspiration. You have to go look for it. In Ohio's grey, cold winter, I have a hard time getting inspired. My love is of all things sunny and warm and palm trees. However, I have decided that I will try to find more joy in winter. I am trying to have "new eyes" this season.

Dawn Emerson is an artist who tells her students to "just play". Experiment with mediums with out fear of wasting materials. Something will always be learned. You don't have to buy a new medium or supplies, just play with the ones you have in a new way. It can lead to unexpected success.

I HATE cold. I HATE winter. However, I will try this winter to see grey skies, dirty black slush, cold and wet rain or snow with new eyes. I promise to bundle my butt up in Carharts and Muck boots and go walking in a field or woods. I can stick it out for 20-30 min,right? Even though it almost takes that long to bundle up. When my son & husband go outside to play in the snow, I will go outside with them instead of using my usual excuse of staying in and keeping the cocoa ready.

So, go ahead, try new eyes on an old medium (or winter) and enjoy the voyage.

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